Cam Follower and Track Roller - Stud Type

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Cam followers cam followers (stud-type track rollers) are designed to run on all types of tracks and to be used in cam drives, conveyor systems, etc. They are based on either needle or cylindrical roller bearings. Instead of an inner ring, they have a threaded solid stud.Cam followers and track rollers from Grainger can withstand a variety of mechanical applications. Choose from assorted cam follower types, including full complement needle rollers, stud, heavy stud, crowned and yoke.


Stud-type track rollers, such as cam followers, have a built-in threaded rod, instead of an inner ring, for either threaded mounting or through-hole mounting onto machine components. Through-hole mounting uses a hexagonal nut on the threaded end to secure the bearing into place.

Bearing Number Bore Dia Outer DIa Width Size
ISOSTATIC AM-2228-36 Sleeve Bearings 240 mm 320 mm 60 mm 2.1 mm
ISOSTATIC AM-609-16 Sleeve Bearings 1120 mm 1540 mm 525 mm 335 mm
ISOSTATIC AM-408-6 Sleeve Bearings 90 mm 190 mm 64 mm 3 mm
ISOSTATIC AM-407-12 Sleeve Bearings 80 mm 140 mm 26 mm mm
ISOSTATIC AM-306-4 Sleeve Bearings 420 mm 700 mm 224 mm 6 mm
ISOSTATIC CB-1823-20 Sleeve Bearings 45 mm 104 mm 32 mm M 42x3
ISOSTATIC CB-1924-24 Sleeve Bearings 440 mm 720 mm 226 mm 6 mm
ISOSTATIC CB-2226-28 Sleeve Bearings 1060.355 mm 1400 mm 490 mm 335 mm
ISOSTATIC CB-2224-14 Sleeve Bearings 1060 mm 1460 mm 500 mm 335 mm
ISOSTATIC CB-2127-24 Sleeve Bearings 320 mm 480 mm 121 mm 4 mm
ISOSTATIC CB-2126-16 Sleeve Bearings 850 mm 1120 mm 390 mm 272 mm
ISOSTATIC CB-2124-14 Sleeve Bearings 1120 mm 1460 mm 500 mm 335 mm